Valhallah Exhibition Visitors’ Book

 JUNE 2004

Dora Reipen, E. Goodier, Colin and Margaret Monks, Craig Steven, Edna Cuff, Margaret Pearson, David Simpson, Don and Barbara Niccol, Grant Carr, Fran Gallagher, Bernie Hoult, Alex and Peg Sewell, Julie Leibrich and Doug Harvie, Julia and Grant Wakeling, June Ellison, Steve and G.Mcbride, Gavin and Heather Thorley, Marty and Linda Kidby, Shelley and Tony Gilman, Heather Meads, Jenny and Gerald Latimer, Jenny and Barry Deans, Francis Shimmin (née Gosse), Brenda Houghton, Pat Rainey, Pat Mark, Julie and John Parkinson, Joy and Sid Mawson, Doris Scott, Ann Shaw (née Scott), Starr Inwood, Jenny Chisholm (née Gubbins), Arnold Osborne, Callum and Shirley Maclean, Moyra Witterick, Di Das, Peter Kraayvanger, Ralph Kraayvanger, Jean Dobson, Angus Shaw, Neil Dobson, Muriel Shaw, Suzy Richardson, Ted Richardson, Joan Sherley, Mr Clunie, Brian McLennan, Dianne Aith, Ruth Pearce, Doug Williams, Mona Vergis, Diana and Nick Edmundsen, Mrs Di Gredig, Mr Summer, Room 3 Raumati South School, Glen, Kapiti Christian School Students and Staff, Thomas Kennedy Junior Academy Staff and Students, Terry and Beverly Newham, John and Betty Porter, Anthony Dreaver, Jessie Kivers, Andrea O’Conner, Mary Adam, Moira Lowday, Bill and Anne Gasson, Jill Doran, Jane Drummond, Pauline and Peter Thomson, Mary Garner, Liam Rowland Skelton, Sarah Rowland, Lester Skelton, Dianne and Ian Wilson, Gwen Thomson, Alison and Steve Burt, Andrea Mark, Heather and Doug Wakelin, Vivienne Kronfield, Gloria Waters, Dianne and Brian Mulvay, Audrey Phillips, Pam Jackson, Bill Pearson, Danny Shaw, Carol McKief, Marianne Fulton, G. McBride, Janet Morgan, Tony and Janet Jack, The Allan Family, Rita and Frank Klus, Cree Hatfield, Jes Ward and Wayne Molloy, Pat Menzies, Ruth Askey(née Anyon), Colin and Shirley Chandler, Ray O’Flaherty, Bob Inwood, Gill Ward, Linda and Gary Allen, Joyce Porter, Barbara Woodward, Valda Straugher, Keith Mitchell, M. J. Luke, Arnold Moller, Bob and Valma Syton, John and Kimberly Rose-Kelly, Angie Salmon, Sonal Modi, Bill and Maureen Bly, Merika(Mary) Carter, Ron and Margaret Henry, Nicky Hughes, Margaret Nixon, Christine Dawkes, Neil and Rosemary Curgenven, Fred York, J. Goodier, J and B Carlison, Michael and Tanya Buckley, Steven Elliott, Katharine Robson (née Hoby), Iris and John Robson, Janice Woon, Margaret Woon, June and Peter Corrie, Lenore and Trevos Amos, Margaret Judd (née Maclean), Tony Froude, Philippa and Gary, Lindsay Osborne, Marjorie Darnell, David Robertson, Barbara Allison, Merv Allison, Jim and Betty Bellinger, Janice Meeres, Bob and Pam Kessler, Shona Winthorp, Jessie Flemming, Shirley Hopkins, Alex Hopkins, Tim Das, Bea Gregory, Carol Seymour, apologies and greetings sent from The Mayor and Mayoress, Alan and Mary Milne.


R. Askew, Martin and Alycen Kaiser, Pat Mark, Andrea Mark, Chris Mark, Julia and Grant Wakeling (Aus), D. Mitchell and H. Parker, Paul White, David Robertson, Don and Barbara Niccol, Jill Howman McGrath, Robin and Rama McGee, June and Fred Rowland, Don and Patricia Allan (née Buckley), Craig and Linda Cheriton, Di Das, Bianca Das, Viv and Guy Weaver, John Penny, Joe Simmonds, Noleen Brosnaham, Val Benjamin, Room 4 Te Ra School, Ros and Graham Priest, Karen and Heather, Vivien Burt, Alison,Steve, Jenny and Kerian Burt, John Ives, Shirley MacArthur, Cheryl Brooks, Byngham and Joyce Yelberton, Tracy Pearl, Christine Fraser, Gill Ward, Jessie Woolhouse, Jesse Darby, Belinda Kerr, Christopher Darby, Anya Darby, Ruby Elliott, Frankie Elliott, Marian Morton, Lester Skelton Anges, Fraser, Maurice Perry, Fleur Perry, Len and Pam Tony, Brian and Wynn Taylor.