Rosetta Road and Bert’s Way

The naming of Rosetta Road

The story goes that the lawyer, Brian Vickerman, who was working for the Eatwells when this area was being developed, asked if he could name the street when the road was pushed through.

He was duly allowed to do this, and Mr Vickerman chose to name the street after his grandmother, Rosetta.

Building Rosetta Road at Raumati in 1945. Photo reference: HP1883 Source: The Bilby Collection. Kapiti Coast District Library.

1924 Rosetta Road Beach House

A weekend bach photographed on the sand hills of Raumati South in 1924.

The location of the bach is thought to have been opposite the present 138 Rosetta Road.

The glorious sea views are still enjoyed today.

Opposite 138 Rosetta Road 1924. Source unknown

In the 1990’s a KCDC blunder saw a private driveway built across a beach access track. After four years of lobbying by the Beach Access Group this beach accessway was protected as a public amenity. It was named Bert’s Way in memory of Rosetta Roads developer Bert Eatwell.

Mr Jack Eatwell, son of Bert Eatwell visits the accessway in 2007.